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TAP Pest Control Insulation

    TAP Pest Control Insulation is a “loose-fill,” cellulose insulation, so it is installed by being blown into attics on top of existing insulation. It can also be installed in attics and walls of new homes with specialized machines. While reducing your energy bills by keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, TAP Pest Control Insulation offers permanent pest protection that controls common household insects that nest in attics and walls like:

  • Ants

  • Booklice

  • Centipedes

  • Crickets

  • Darkling Beetles

  • Earwigs, Millipedes

  • Roaches, Silverfish

  • Sow Bugs

  • Termites (including Formosan Termites)

Comfort Therm

 ComfortTherm® fiberglass insulation offers homeowners a variety of benefits including:

  • Thermal Efficiency – Provides effective resistance to heat or cold transfer with a variety of R-values.

  • Acoustical Efficiency – Reduces sound transmission through floor systems.

  • Damage Resistance – ComfortTherm’s poly sheathing protects it in harsh underfloor environments.

  • Moisture Control – The plastic facing is a vapor retarder that resists water vapor transmission. In hot, humid areas, ComfortTherm comes with a perforated plastic facing that does not act as a vapor-retarder.

  • Mold-Resistance – ComfortTherm does not support mold or mildew, and it is not a food source for insects or rodents.

  • Formaldehyde-Free™ – Promotes better indoor air quality and is non-corrosive to pipes, wiring, or metal studs.


  An insulation solution used on furred-out masonry walls, AA2 is remarkably easy to install and effective in improving building performance and comfort. Fi-Foil reflective insulation is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world. With third-party verified code compliance plus an industry leading 10-year transferrable warranty, AA2 is a smart choice to insulate all your masonry buildings.
● Outer Layer of Natural Kraft Paper
● Inner Layer of Premium Grade Aluminum Foil
● Fi-Foil Expander Technology Separates Paper from Foil
● Layers Create Two (2) Reflective Air Spaces
● Low-e Surfaces to Reduce Radiant Heat Transfer
● Quick Installation with Staple or Tape Tab
● Use with Wood Furring or Metal Framing
● 16" or 24" widths
● Perforated or Solid
● 500 sf Rolls
● Third-Party Verified Code Compliance, IAPMO ER 291
● Easily Combine with Other Mass Insulation as part of a Wall System
● Add up to R5.2 with just 1-1/2" Enclosed Air Space
● Verified Recycled Content >20%
● Meets ASTM C 1224, Reflective Insulation
● Meets International Building Codes (IBC)
● Meets International Residential Codes (IRC)
● Meets International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC)
● Meets Florida Building Codes (FBC)
● Meets Florida Residential Codes (FRC)
● Meets Florida Energy Conservation Codes (FECC)

Rmax Thermasheath®-3

This lightweight thermal insulation board has reinforced aluminum foil facers. Thermasheath®-3 is suitable for use in cavity walls, masonry walls, vaulted ceilings and some limited roofing applications, as well as many other building envelope continuous insulation applications. It is also an integral piece to maintaining the continuous insulation solution when Thermasheath®-SI is used as intermittent bracing. 

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